Crack & Joint Sealants

Asphalt & Concrete Crackfix

Cracks in your asphalt/bitumen look unsightly and will also result in further damage occurring.  Unfortunately, alligator cracking is also one of the more serious problems that an asphalt surface can develop, especially if it’s allowed to go without repair.

Crack & Joint sealing is an integral part of any pavement maintenance programme to prevent the deterioration of a cracked pavement by water ingression. 

Bitumend® Crackfix is used to fill and thereby seal cracks  in asphalt and cement pavement surfaces.  It is so easy to use, anyone can do it.  It protects your asphalts or concrete from pot holes by sealing up the cracks and preventing water getting underneath.

We recommend using Crackfix for cracks in the asphalt or concrete for widths of less than 10mm.  For larger cracks or joints we would recommend using Constructions Joint Filler or if a pothole has developed we would recommend our Bitumend Coldmix.