Most Frequent Questions

What Tools are required ?

All you need is a shovel, a broom, a compaction tool or a car(drive over the coldmix to compact it in the hole)

Are all cold asphalts made equal?

No, we have developed a high quality cold asphalt designed for the trade.  The  combination of the right stones and pressure sensitive polymers(secret herbs and spices) form a very strong stone on stone matrix.  It flows very easily out of the bag but is very strong but flexible when compacted

Will the coldmix work in a pothole fill of water

Yes, the polymers in the coldmix will expel the water.  We have contractors who use our product in  all sorts of weather conditions.

How long will the product last in the bag?

A year, we have tested product that has been stored for over a year and it works just fine.

Is it available anywhere in NZ ?

Yes you can purchase Bitumend coldmix from Placemakers, Highway1, Traffic R Us or if you are ordering in bulk from Highroads.

Should I clean all the debris out of the pohole before filling?

Yes,  you are best to brush out all the loose debris and stones.  This will help the coldmix bind against something solid.  If the hole is very shallow it is best to create an edge around the hole for the coldmix to bind against.

How much do I need ?

It will depend on the depth of the hole but a bag of bitumend coldmix should fill a pothole that is around 50cm2.

Calculate how much I need:

Length(m) x Height(m) x depth(m) x 110 = how many bags I need

e.g If I have a pothole that is 55cm by 55cm by 3cm then 0.55m x 0.55m x  0.03m x110 = 1 bag