Civilmix Cold Asphalt

Civilmix Recycled Asphalt

Civilmix is an awesome cold asphalt because it has so many applications. It is a blend of polymer-modified emulsions and recycled asphalt that produces a super high-quality cold asphalt that has a really cost-effective price point. Civilmix is made to order. The 3 main applications are:

  1. Temporary road reinstatements – sets quickly yet remains pliable so it can be used again.
  2. Used as a pothole filler and other asphalt repairs when aesthetics are not important.
  3. Used by the DIY market for driveways as a more permanent solution to gravel.

Please note: since this product is made from recycled asphalt and does not look as good as our Coldmix product, which is made from virgin aggregates but it performs just as well. This product has been developed, tested and manufactured in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions.

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Civilmix is a very high-quality polymer-modified cold asphalt used by contractors and DIYers to fix potholes, temporarily reinstate open cuts in the road, restore failing carparks or driveways straight from the bag.

Please contact us for price and availability – we make to order.

Civilmix is made from a blend of bitumen emulsions and recycled asphalt to produce a cost effective cold asphalt that remains strong and flexible yet easy enough to use when you open the bag. Not all plantmix asphalt products are made equal. It might not be the prettiest but it is the most effective plantmix cold asphalt. If you have a job that requires the best cold asphalt and looks are important then Coldmix Pothole Repair is the right asphalt for you.

Civilmix is:

  1. Easy to use
  2. All-weather conditions
  3. Immediately ready for vehicle and pedestrian traffic
  4. No wasted product at the end of each day
  5. No emulsion required
  6. No dumping costs
  7. Very effective
  8. No Heating required
  9. No Special equipment needed
  10. Very cost effective

Calculate how much I need:
Kgs of Coldmix Required = Length(m) x Height(m) x depth(m) x 2000
e.g If I have an area 5m x 5m x 30mm deep
then 5 x 5 x 0.03m x 2000 = 1500kg

For bulk orders
At a depth of 3 cm – a 1 tonne bag will cover an area of 16m2.
At a depth of 5 cm – a 1 tonne bag will cover an area of 10m2.

Weight1000 kg

1 Tonne