Construction Joint Filler for Concrete – Combo

Designed to fill large cracks or small slots in asphalt from 10mm to 20mm in diameter. Can be used in any weather conditions and is immediately trafficable.

The primer is used along side the construction joint filler product The primer acts as an adhesion agent that binds the construction joint filler into the slot, it dramatically improves the effectiveness of the micro trenching reinstatement.  Is used to seal and waterproof the slot.

Construction Joint Filler(20Kg) plus Primer(1 Litre)

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Promix Cold Asphalt Product Range


Product Description Bitumend Primer is a modified bitumen emulsion. That is designed specifically for micro trenching reinstatements. It acts as an adhesion agent that binds the construction joint filler into the slot, it’s dramatically Improves the effectiveness of the micro trenching reinstatement.

Additional Products Bitumend construction joint filler designed specifically for the reinstatement of micro trenches 10mm – 25mm wide it is a poly modified very fine asphalt specifically designed for filling micro trenches and the fibers and reinstating asphalt in the fibers optic network.

Caution Do not take internally. If swallowed or contact eyes consult a doctor. Avoid prolonged contact with skin.


  1. Preparation – Remove all excess dust, dirt and loose debree from the slot. Shake the bottle really well
  2. Application – Pour bitumen primer into the slot allow few minute for the product to settle.
  3. Finish – Then add construction joint filler product to the slot and compact. You should see the primer product start to make its way through the construction joint filler binding to the sides.

Important notes:

Keep from Freezing- Bitumend primer is a bitumen emulsion and must be stored above 0.C.

If the ground is wet wait for the slot to dry before application.

For best results apply above 10.C with no rain or added water during the installation process.

Stir all shape products that has been stored longer then 3 months, as the product does settle over time.

Depending on the temperatures bitumen primer with construction joint filler can be driven over immediately after application.

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