Cracksealer Squeegee

Our u-shaped squeegees are heavy duty with a long lasting neoprene rubber blade. Perfect for applying crackfix to asphalt or cement cracks. The crack filler squeegee is shaped to hold a lot of material during application and will keep your repair jobs running smoothly. Giving the repair job a nice finish.
The smaller lightweight version is made to deal with the smaller crack filling jobs, while the full-size squeegee can be used for larger jobs.

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The U-shaped squeegee blade is a favorite in the paving industry. When you’re working to repair asphalt cracks, you need cracksealing equipment that will get the job done fast, while being easy to use. This u-shaped cracksealer squeegee is one such tool. Its design lets you spread and work with asphalt paving materials easily and efficiently, particularly for asphalt or concrete cracking jobs.

Please note that you will need to buy a separate handle.


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