Bitumen Emulsion – CRS60

Promix CRS-60 – 20 Litres

Promix CRS60 is a premium cationic bitumen emulsion that comes in a convenient 20 litre pail. The cationic nature of Promix CRS60 or CAT60 enhances its compatibility with NZ aggregates, resulting in superior adhesion and durability of road surfaces.
Our CAT60 is fast breaking and has excellent coating properties that contribute to improved performance and longevity over the lifespan of the asphalt. More benefits of our bitumen emulsion include:

  1. Improved Bonding between existing road surface and the new layer
  2. Prevention of Stripping: or separation between binder and aggregate
  3. Waterproofing of the pavement structure
  4. Improved Workability for the placement of the new asphalt
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Promix Asphalt Sealer Range

The benefits of using CRS-60 as a tack coat in laying asphalt include:

  1. Improved Bonding: Tack coats enhance the bond between the existing pavement surface and the new asphalt layer, promoting better adhesion and reducing the likelihood of delamination.
  2. Prevention of Stripping: Tack coats help prevent stripping or separating asphalt layers by ensuring a solid bond between the asphalt binder and aggregate.
  3. Waterproofing: Tack coats can serve as a waterproofing layer, reducing water penetration into the pavement structure and preventing moisture-related damage.
  4. Increased Structural Integrity: Proper application of tack coats contributes to the overall structural integrity of the pavement by preventing the formation of voids between asphalt layers.
  5. Minimization of Reflective Cracking: Tack coats can help minimize reflective cracking, which occurs when cracks in the underlying pavement reflect through the new asphalt overlay.
  6. Enhanced Longevity: By improving the bond between pavement layers, tack coats contribute to the longevity and durability of the asphalt pavement.
  7. Improved Workability: Tack coats provide a workable surface for the placement of the new asphalt layer, facilitating a smoother construction process.
  8. Reduced Aggregate Loss: Using tack coats can minimize the loss of aggregate particles from the asphalt mixture, preserving the overall quality of the pavement.
  9. Cost Savings: Proper application of tack coats can contribute to cost savings by reducing the likelihood of premature pavement distress and the need for expensive repairs.


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