Promix Driveway Seal

Promix Driveway Seal

Promix Driveway Seal is a premium asphalt sealer that brings your asphalt driveway or carpark back to life and keeps the asphalt looking good while extending its life. With regular applications, you will double the life of your asphalt.

Fine cracks(3mm or less) can be repaired when applying Driveway Seal to your asphalt. For the larger cracks would recommend that you use Promix Cracksealer a couple of days before using Driveway Seal.

Important Note: Driveway Seal must be installed on a warm dry day and not on a cold day that may rain.

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Promix Driveway Seal is a professional-grade, asphalt sealer engineered to seal, protect, and beautify aging asphalt. It keeps your asphalt looking good while extending its life. Once dried Driveway Seal leaves a thin layer of ultra-hard yet flexible bitumen on the surface of your asphalt. This bitumen has anti-aging properties that slow down the rate of oxidation of the asphalt thereby increasing its life span, saving you money. Withs its unique UV inhibitors your asphalt is going to look blacker for longer.

The coverage depends on the quality of the existing asphalt – if it is smooth you get a 3M2 per litre coverage – with rough asphalt you get 2m2 per litre coverage.

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Driveway Seal

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