Finemix Joint Filler – 20Kg

Description & Benefits:
Fine mix has been made specifically for large cracks or sawcuts where traditional coldmix is too big and where liquid crackfiller becomes too expensive to use. Finemix is a polymer modified Mix 7 Cold Asphalt that is specifically used as a joint filler. It is made from a blend of aggregates 7mm and less which makes it perfect for large cracks or small slot reinstatements. It produces a fine smooth finish that looks great. Super easy to use and the product works really well and it looks great. As with all our cold asphalt products it has been designed, manufactured and tested in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions.

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Finemix Cold Asphalt is a very high-quality polymer-modified cold asphalt used contractors in the construction industry as a joint filler to fill asphalt and concrete slots or cracks that are 15mm or less. Used by contractors and DIYers throughout New Zealand. You can fix or reinstate your asphalt straight from the bag.

This cold asphalt repair remains strong and flexible yet easy enough to use when you open the bag. Not all coldmix asphalt products are made equal. Our polymer-modified cold asphalt will outperform hotmix every day in this environment. It goes hard but remains plyable so it doesn’t go brittle and unravel as easily as hotmix does.

Finemix is a permanent solution that is:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Can be applied in all weather conditions
  3. Immediately ready for vehicle and pedestrian traffic
  4. No wasted product at the end of each day
  5. No dumping costs
  6. Very effective
  7. No Heating required
  8. No special equipment needed
  9. Super cost effective


Calculate how much I need:
Kgs of Finemix Required = Length(m) x Height(m) x depth(m) x 2000
e.g If I have an area 20m x 10mm x 20mm deep
then 20 x .01 x 0.03m x 2000 = 12kg

Weight20 kg