Road Patch

BRP Road Patch

BRP Road Patch is your ultimate solution to asphalt deterioration and costly road repairs. Our innovative 1×0.75m prefabricated chip-seal sheets are made from highly polymerised rubber bitumen. It securely holds onto the aggregate and forms an unyielding bond with the ground, providing a permanent fix for asphalt deterioration.

BRP Road Patch is a long-term investment in asphalt durability. Its flexibility and waterproof nature are a reliable barrier against the elements, preventing further damage and extending road lifespan. No more expensive digouts or recurring repairs – our road patch offers a cost-effective and lasting solution.

Trusted worldwide for over 40 years, BRP Road Patch has a proven track record of success, resulting in substantial savings in time and money. Join the global community that has benefited from our product and experience the difference BRP Road Patch can make for your roads.

Choose BRP Road Patch for a reliable, durable, cost-effective solution that stands the test of time.

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Key Benefits of BRP Road Patches:

🌐 Highly flexible and waterproof seal.

🔄 Overlapping onto the surrounding surface prevents perimeter cracking.

❄️ Cold application eliminates the need for heating equipment or expensive tools.

🏋️‍♂️ Lightweight – less than one-third of conventional seals, improving productivity.

🚫 No saw-cutting of potholes is required, reducing preparatory repair work.

⏳ Extended shelf-life of over nine years with minimal wastage.

🚗 Immediate traffic access after application, reducing road closure time.

☔ Versatile application in adverse weather conditions, using CAT60 emulsion or equivalent.

🌆 An aesthetically pleasing finished appearance enhances the overall look of the road.

🌱 It is environmentally friendly, providing a similar surface texture and suffering minimal chip loss.


Applications for BRP Road Patches:

Certainly! Here are the applications for BRP Road Patch with emojis without numbers:

🚧 Pothole Repairs: BRP Road Patch is ideal for quickly and effectively filling potholes, providing a durable solution for road maintenance.

🔧 Crack Repairs: Specifically designed for repairing cracks, BRP Road Patch helps prevent further deterioration by efficiently filling and sealing pumpable cracks.

🐊 Crocodile Cracks: BRP Road Patch is effective in addressing crocodile cracks, ensuring a smooth and even surface for improved road safety and longevity.

☔ Stormwater Diverter: Offering reliable stormwater management, BRP Road Patch facilitates the installation of diverters to prevent water damage and erosion on road surfaces.

🚗 Rut Filling: BRP Road Patch is designed to fill ruts, ensuring a level and safe road surface for enhanced driving comfort and safety.

🏞️ Edgebreak Repairs: Ideal for repairing edge breaks, BRP Road Patch ensures the stability and integrity of road edges, contributing to overall road safety.

🛣️ Kerb and Channel Repairs: BRP Road Patch is suitable for repairing kerbs and channels, providing a durable solution for maintaining the structural integrity of these critical roadside elements.

🌉 Uneven Bridge Joints Repair: Specifically formulated for uneven bridge joints, BRP Road Patch helps level surfaces, improving road safety and preventing potential damage to vehicles.

🏗️ Bund Construction: BRP Road Patch facilitates the construction of berms, providing effective bunding solutions for various applications.

🔒 Sealing Around Manholes: BRP Road Patch ensures a secure and durable seal around manhole lids and utility covers, preventing water infiltration and enhancing road surface integrity.

🏞️ Texturizing of Asphalt Repairs: BRP Road Patch is designed for texturizing asphalt repairs and achieving a flush or bleeding chip seal, enhancing road surface aesthetics and performance.

🚧 Road Marking Removal: BRP Road Patch efficiently obliterates road markings, providing a clean slate for new markings or surface treatments.

💦 Stormwater Culvert Linings: BRP Road Patch is suitable for lining stormwater culverts, providing a reliable solution for managing water flow and preventing erosion.

🔨 Trench Reinstatements: BRP Road Patch facilitates reinstatements in trenches, ensuring a smooth and durable surface after utility work or construction activities.

🌉 Sealing Bridge Joints: BRP Road Patch effectively seals bridge joints, preventing water ingress and maintaining the structural integrity of bridges for long-term durability.

Weight20 kg
Road Patch

1 x 0.75m Patch

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